Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Am I a Starseed?

Light and Love
Starseeds are those that come to earth to help her transition from the old way of being (ego domination) into the GOLDEN AGE. There are many levels and types of Starseeds as there are personalities and races of people.  Do you feel "different" and misunderstood by family, friends, coworkers, and the like? Are you highly sensitive to lights, noise, big cities, drugs/alcohol, fighting, negative people/places??
You are not alone. You are not out of place. The fact that you are reading this creates a sense of recognition ..We are One. There is something very right about you, even if the rest of the population hasn't supported your high vibrational selves.
Here are a list of some of my Starseed qualities and additional ones that Ive researched and/or heard about. Knowing who you are and being supported by those of like energy is the greatest gift in these changing times.

1/have aversion to gossip, attacking others, causing pain or harm to any living thing
2/strong dislike for reptiles and snakes (may have had nightmares about them)
3/felt drawn or fascinated by  intense weather...ie., tornadoes, lightning, thunder, wind, rain,
4/dreamed about or felt drawn to aliens, dolphins, stars
5/hypersensitivity to cold, heat, pain, atmospheric pressure
6/children and animals are drawn to you...(had several 2-4yr olds tell me they have known me for a long
time upon meeting them)
7/cats tend to play an important role in your life...ie., show up as protectors, during big life transitions, in dreams....
8/ability to communicate with guides, angels, spirit, animals
9/reoccurring dreams of flying
10/have conversations or "movies" in your head that later come to pass in exact context
11/desire to heal or help others
12/have been given symbols in healing modalities that you have doodled your entire life or at very least, they seem familiar
13/require regular amounts of alone time and space to filter energies thru your system
14/felt annoyed or frustrated with society trying to fit you in a mold
15/strong aversion to any type of violence, war, fighting
16/tend to surprise or startle others because they cannot see you immediately, as if you are invisible
17/hearing buzzing, ringing, vibrations, or white noise
18/can sense when others are lying, being manipulative, secretive
19/find comfort in crystals, rocks, natural surrounding
20/eyes are usually large and very light in color
21/Atlantis or pleidians have a strong resonance with you
22/follow your heart and inner knowing instead of what appears "easier"
23/drawn to number patterning 1111,222,333,444,555...etc.,
24/sleep for long periods or love to stay in dream state
25/tend to be loners although feeling of great love for others
26/feel like you've landed on the wrong planet! even at an early age, asking "what the heck
am i doing here?" "why did i sign up for this?"
27/experience often, psychic visions, prophetic dreams, deja vu, serendipity, magic

***note: there are some similar traits for Indigo as well, in addition to the blending of both***search your own heart and light of truth for the answer right for you!! MANY BLESSINGS ON THE PATH HOME


  1. thanks for sharing this..

    im a starseed myself as well..
    mosts that you mentioned on your list i can agree..

    in the end i could say im an indigo/starseed..as these are just labels..what matters the most is that inner knowing of things, the vibration you are..

    during my awakening ive been notecing this one thing..as we starseeds we tend to miss our home.

    ask yourself, what is your home? for your highest good..

    what has risen within me, is that ive been in many places, like you have probably too..dimensions, galaxies, planets, starsystems..

    that one, we have been the most of, or recently..meaning thousands of years ago, has been imprinted to us deeply that as we have lived here in the earth in oblivion for many thousads of yeras in this karmic cycle (that we can now finally release if we are ready for it), we tend to miss that "home"..our last place before earth. ok, its understandable, but im thinking that its time to let of these all..
    or maybe its just me, ive been on a way for eons and im ready to go back "home" / source..as the time comes and we evolve..

    the same thing is with every humanbeing/soul, no matter are they starseeds or not..

    but all you starseeds there..go deeper..the source is our home..there we left and there we shall return..

    although, im thinking that not all are ready to do that..ive notest..some are lost into false prophecies and depends to galactic friends to save them. which will not happen, im 100% sure of it. as a starseed i see this very sad to see fellow starseeds to lost in the false lights.

    the thing in this awakening in the end is to harness all our consiousness into this body of ours..fully become what we are. become enlightened ones. free ourselves, mind over matter..and then we are totally free..

    hoping all is good in your life and you´ve found your own way..

    much blessings..

  2. i believe starseeds are waking and remembering more and more. where we had been confused in the past trying to balance our inner knowledge and that of the ego based world, the veil is lifting and we are closer to home

    thank you for your response

    1. "the veil is lifting and we are closer to home"
      ... i hope so

  3. Although i LOVE reptiles! :) Im here to heal them. Im an ancient indigo, ascended and returned :)

  4. Wow ! I feel dizzy after reading this. i can also remember that when i was under 5 years old i was dreaming of schematics-like things involving, time/space bending as illustrated nowadays by some underground scientists. Feeling something like i've been left there for a while, feeling that i don't belong there. Had one day a dream... a blonde short haired woman, sitting on a well, spreading light all around, telling me (oh yes i was afraid and woke up in sweat). She told me :"You have no reason to fell afraid, because you came here from Mû. You're one of us..." I just want to leave this planet, now.

  5. Yes, we are here for a reason but from time to time is difficult, especially when there's no close contact to other starseed. Right now I do really feel homesick and I am craving for my real home...When I was a child I used to repeat myself that there are others like me....We are strong beings and have to support each other even that we haven't met (in the neaning ofthis Earth circumstances). Best of luck to you all for every step of your mission on this world!

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