Friday, March 25, 2011

Warrior of Light

I had already purchased my non-refundable/non transferable plane tickets for Europe when I got the phone call that my traveling companion went into rehab. The following afternoon, received an email from another friend who was going to greet us at the airport and be our tour guide. She wouldn’t be able to keep our plans because she broke up with her boyfriend and is heading back to the States ASAP.

These were definite signs for me. Change direction. Adjust your plans. But where would I go? Would I be able to find another traveling buddy? Was Europe really where my heart was leading me to?

Once I began turning the wheels for answers, Tai land kept popping up into my thoughts. It wasn’t at the top of my list when I dreamed up countries I wanted to explore. Actually, it wasn’t even on the list.

However, within the next several weeks Tai land was all I could think about. The urge to go got stronger and more intense. I was definitely being drawn to this place. It felt like a spiritual calling. There was a deeper purpose and meaning than just being a tourist in a cool destination.

So I ate the money for the Europe trip and bought tickets to Tai land for a three-month journey, solo.
Before leaving on my trip...a dear friend gave me the Alchemist by Paulo Coelho as a good luck token on my new adventure. I tucked it away in my suitcase for a couple weeks until I felt situated and comfortable enough to relax and read it.

Once I picked up the book I couldn't put it down. I read cover to cover in under three hours. My only complaint was that I didn't have more to read.

His writing captured my attention and spoke to my current life path so passionately that I had to locate another book he had written.  Later that evening, I went to a book swap and traded the Alchemist in for another read. Each morning and afternoon, I would read one of Paulo's books and each evening I would exchange for another until I had read everything he had written.

I was so moved by his work that I decided to write him a heartfelt thank you for how his art allowed me the opening to learn more about my own

Here is that letter:
Date: Sat, 8 May 2004 03:23:13 -0300 (BRT)
Pais = United_States

= Hello. I've come to Thailand in search of my personal legend.
> > >It's been a difficult journey and there were times I had felt the task
> > >too great. My friend gave me THE ALCHEMIST before leaving the US. Read it
> > >three weeks ago and since have read 6 more of your books. You have
> > >provided me insight into the depths of my soul, an understanding
> > >when there was no one to listen to my concerns, but most of all
> > >encouragement that I should continue the search into my unknown. Thank
> > >for following your dream so that people like myself are able to remember
> > >to follow theirs. Warmest regards and Love to you and your wife.

What is the most special part of this experience was the personal response I received:
Date: Mon, 10 May 2004 11:26:42 –0300
Subject: Fw: Mensagem para o autor: Spiritual Journey

>Dear ‘Kali
>Thank you for your kind email. It's very important to know what the reader
>towards my work. I've got great respect for your opinion and I'm grateful
>for that.
>A Warrior of Light tries to establish what he can truly rely on. And he
>always checks that he carries three things with him: Faith, Hope and Love.
>If these three things are there, he does not hesitate to go forward.
>May love always be your guide in every moment of your life
>Paulo Coelho

 In the past seven years I have often remembered the three things a warrior of Light tries to make sure they have with them in times of struggle.

>Do I have faith in “the situation” working out for the best? Do I have hope that no matter what challenges or obstacles I face, there will always be love to greet me? Do I have enough loving thoughts, words, and actions towards others and myself  to assure the best possible outcome?

I make sure that I’m able to say “YES!” without any room for doubt or worry. I allow the light to resonate this message to  every part of my physical and energetic being. And I do not hesitate to go forward once I know that I am prepared for what battles lay ahead for this warrior.

Paulo…thank you for your support and Light…


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