Wednesday, August 22, 2012

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Am I a Starseed?

Light and Love
Starseeds are those that come to earth to help her transition from the old way of being (ego domination) into the GOLDEN AGE. There are many levels and types of Starseeds as there are personalities and races of people.  Do you feel "different" and misunderstood by family, friends, coworkers, and the like? Are you highly sensitive to lights, noise, big cities, drugs/alcohol, fighting, negative people/places??
You are not alone. You are not out of place. The fact that you are reading this creates a sense of recognition ..We are One. There is something very right about you, even if the rest of the population hasn't supported your high vibrational selves.
Here are a list of some of my Starseed qualities and additional ones that Ive researched and/or heard about. Knowing who you are and being supported by those of like energy is the greatest gift in these changing times.

1/have aversion to gossip, attacking others, causing pain or harm to any living thing
2/strong dislike for reptiles and snakes (may have had nightmares about them)
3/felt drawn or fascinated by  intense, tornadoes, lightning, thunder, wind, rain,
4/dreamed about or felt drawn to aliens, dolphins, stars
5/hypersensitivity to cold, heat, pain, atmospheric pressure
6/children and animals are drawn to you...(had several 2-4yr olds tell me they have known me for a long
time upon meeting them)
7/cats tend to play an important role in your, show up as protectors, during big life transitions, in dreams....
8/ability to communicate with guides, angels, spirit, animals
9/reoccurring dreams of flying
10/have conversations or "movies" in your head that later come to pass in exact context
11/desire to heal or help others
12/have been given symbols in healing modalities that you have doodled your entire life or at very least, they seem familiar
13/require regular amounts of alone time and space to filter energies thru your system
14/felt annoyed or frustrated with society trying to fit you in a mold
15/strong aversion to any type of violence, war, fighting
16/tend to surprise or startle others because they cannot see you immediately, as if you are invisible
17/hearing buzzing, ringing, vibrations, or white noise
18/can sense when others are lying, being manipulative, secretive
19/find comfort in crystals, rocks, natural surrounding
20/eyes are usually large and very light in color
21/Atlantis or pleidians have a strong resonance with you
22/follow your heart and inner knowing instead of what appears "easier"
23/drawn to number patterning 1111,222,333,444,555...etc.,
24/sleep for long periods or love to stay in dream state
25/tend to be loners although feeling of great love for others
26/feel like you've landed on the wrong planet! even at an early age, asking "what the heck
am i doing here?" "why did i sign up for this?"
27/experience often, psychic visions, prophetic dreams, deja vu, serendipity, magic

***note: there are some similar traits for Indigo as well, in addition to the blending of both***search your own heart and light of truth for the answer right for you!! MANY BLESSINGS ON THE PATH HOME

Friday, March 25, 2011

Warrior of Light

I had already purchased my non-refundable/non transferable plane tickets for Europe when I got the phone call that my traveling companion went into rehab. The following afternoon, received an email from another friend who was going to greet us at the airport and be our tour guide. She wouldn’t be able to keep our plans because she broke up with her boyfriend and is heading back to the States ASAP.

These were definite signs for me. Change direction. Adjust your plans. But where would I go? Would I be able to find another traveling buddy? Was Europe really where my heart was leading me to?

Once I began turning the wheels for answers, Tai land kept popping up into my thoughts. It wasn’t at the top of my list when I dreamed up countries I wanted to explore. Actually, it wasn’t even on the list.

However, within the next several weeks Tai land was all I could think about. The urge to go got stronger and more intense. I was definitely being drawn to this place. It felt like a spiritual calling. There was a deeper purpose and meaning than just being a tourist in a cool destination.

So I ate the money for the Europe trip and bought tickets to Tai land for a three-month journey, solo.
Before leaving on my trip...a dear friend gave me the Alchemist by Paulo Coelho as a good luck token on my new adventure. I tucked it away in my suitcase for a couple weeks until I felt situated and comfortable enough to relax and read it.

Once I picked up the book I couldn't put it down. I read cover to cover in under three hours. My only complaint was that I didn't have more to read.

His writing captured my attention and spoke to my current life path so passionately that I had to locate another book he had written.  Later that evening, I went to a book swap and traded the Alchemist in for another read. Each morning and afternoon, I would read one of Paulo's books and each evening I would exchange for another until I had read everything he had written.

I was so moved by his work that I decided to write him a heartfelt thank you for how his art allowed me the opening to learn more about my own

Here is that letter:
Date: Sat, 8 May 2004 03:23:13 -0300 (BRT)
Pais = United_States

= Hello. I've come to Thailand in search of my personal legend.
> > >It's been a difficult journey and there were times I had felt the task
> > >too great. My friend gave me THE ALCHEMIST before leaving the US. Read it
> > >three weeks ago and since have read 6 more of your books. You have
> > >provided me insight into the depths of my soul, an understanding
> > >when there was no one to listen to my concerns, but most of all
> > >encouragement that I should continue the search into my unknown. Thank
> > >for following your dream so that people like myself are able to remember
> > >to follow theirs. Warmest regards and Love to you and your wife.

What is the most special part of this experience was the personal response I received:
Date: Mon, 10 May 2004 11:26:42 –0300
Subject: Fw: Mensagem para o autor: Spiritual Journey

>Dear ‘Kali
>Thank you for your kind email. It's very important to know what the reader
>towards my work. I've got great respect for your opinion and I'm grateful
>for that.
>A Warrior of Light tries to establish what he can truly rely on. And he
>always checks that he carries three things with him: Faith, Hope and Love.
>If these three things are there, he does not hesitate to go forward.
>May love always be your guide in every moment of your life
>Paulo Coelho

 In the past seven years I have often remembered the three things a warrior of Light tries to make sure they have with them in times of struggle.

>Do I have faith in “the situation” working out for the best? Do I have hope that no matter what challenges or obstacles I face, there will always be love to greet me? Do I have enough loving thoughts, words, and actions towards others and myself  to assure the best possible outcome?

I make sure that I’m able to say “YES!” without any room for doubt or worry. I allow the light to resonate this message to  every part of my physical and energetic being. And I do not hesitate to go forward once I know that I am prepared for what battles lay ahead for this warrior.

Paulo…thank you for your support and Light…

Friday, March 11, 2011

Message from BEAR

 As far back as I can remember Bears have been a part of my dreams. The reoccurring theme was being watched and followed. Some times I would be afraid yet other times I would feel protected. In all instances, my dreams were vivid and would leave a sense of calling into my waking life.

 In my late teens and early twenties became aware of animal totems and discovering ways in which your personal one (or more) gets your attention. Making contact thru the dream world is the most accessible way. I was excited to learn what energies Bear had for my life.

Several years later, my totem crossed over from the dream world to communicate with me in the physical realm. The messages he gave me were exactly what was needed at the most vulnerable and confusing time of my life.

Earlier that afternoon, made the decision to confide in my best male friend that I had deeper feelings for him. We had been inseparable upon first meeting, a year prior. He often brought me flowers, fruit, and coffee to start my day. We’d take long walks, swim, and cook together when we weren’t working. Our conversations would go on for hours.

All of our mutual friends assumed we were a couple because where you saw one you usually saw the other. He would tell me how happy I made his heart and he’d write me a love songs and notes.

So, the last thing I was expecting from my confession was total denial on his part. Instantly, he was nervous and afraid of my openness. Then he babbled on about how I deserve a better guy…blah…blah…

I left and went home to tell my roommate what had just occurred. She couldn’t make sense of what I was saying because I was too upset. At that time, my friend had come to check on me. He was trying to make the situation smoother but I felt so hurt that I didn’t feel like cheering him up.

I walked outside for some fresh air and decided to keep on walking. Ended up several hundred feet from my place, in a wooded area with lots brush. Sat down on a log and cried out to God, “how long am I going to feel this way!?”
As soon as the words released from my mouth, felt a chill go down my neck and intense tingling on my scalp. Turned my head towards the right and within a couple inches from my face, was a brown mountain bear.
We gazed into one another’s eyes, which seemed like hours, but in reality might have been only a few seconds. Then we both became aware of the other at the same moment and ran into opposite directions.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Scorpio Rising (Ascendant)

The Scorpio rising is the only zodiac archetype that can change the dynamics entirely of an individual’s birth chart. A person with this sign in their ascendant will have many sun sign Scorpio qualities and likely three times as powerful, especially if the sun/moon are in compatible placements.

This rising sign reveals a very difficult journey with periods of dramatic lessons and chaos. In order for the three levels of Scorpio to reveal its lesson, The lower level of Scorpio must be transformed (the ego) to the higher level of eagle (the soul) then on to the final transformation of a phoenix rising (the soul infused personality). 

Monday, March 7, 2011

False Twin Flames

Much as been written about twin flame relationships in the past several years. As we reach the pinnacle point of the great cosmic change, it is imperative that we are well informed about the opposing this instance, the false twin flame.

The false twin relationships will manifest itself in very similar qualities of the true flame connection. Why is this? The false energy has not yet mastered within themselves the higher levels of consciousness and self reflection that a true twin has. So instead of doing the difficult emotional inner work, the false twin will attach themselves to the more evolved twin and absorb their energy and essence as their own. Whether done on a subconscious level or not, this type of energy exchange is very dangerous for the true twin.

The false twin will mirror qualities of a true twins in order to gain the level of control needed to maintain the connection. DISTANCE is the key to this type of manipulation. Whether geographically or emotionally, this type of energy cannot not be maintained in the LIGHT. (ie., up close and personal) so it will create distractions and diversions until the time comes to feed. Yes, I said feed. Feed off the true twin. Sort of like refueling your car at a gas station. But in this case, the false twin is siphoning your fuel, not adding

Once the false twin feels that they have gotten what they needed from you, they soon  have little or no time for you. They become irritated quickly and visibly withdrawn. They aren't able to continue the flow of exchange because the energy they claim as their own is borrowed from others. From you.

In the process you don't know which way to go. Your heart tells you that this person is different, and there were so many signs telling you they were "the one" You shared similar childhoods, interests, goals, dreams. No one understands you the way they did.
The next stage is you begin to blame yourself for the relationship going south. You may apologize often and always play the role of peacemaker. The false twin does not want to make peace with you.

 They operate in the shadows. Your unawareness of this fact keeps you in the cycle of their purpose. You engage in their drama and believe that it is Love that is motivating you.
If a false twin is extremely disconnected from their own soul then they can become quite violent psychically and energetically. They will spiritually try to destroy what the true twin has worked dilegently to heal while at the same time wearing a mask of light in the outer world. The false twin can go undetected until they come across someone with knowledge of their game plan or someone who is highly sensitive to energies.
False Twins can strengthen themselves energetically at the expense of a true twins life. Which would manifest outwardly as illness, job loss, depression, even death. Please be informed about false twins as well as real twin flame connections.

Here are some signs you may know a false twin (or energy stealer):

*you obsess/daydream about them
*overpowering sexual energy exchange
*feel anxious or nervous talking to them on phone, by email, or in person
*they come into your dreams often (usually comes with messages to pay attention to)
*they create distance between you by never being fully available or responsible for actions
*controlling and manipulation tactics
*won't open up but will draw information out of you
*they get angry when you pull away or have a sense of your own power
*they tend to disappear or show no real excitement when you achieve success
*intense jealousy and or will try to make you jealous by talking of other relationships they've had
*confusion. unable to make clear choices or decisions all of the sudden
*unexplained series of bad luck
*other areas of your life not flowing as well as before they came into your life
*feeling disoriented, emotionally drained, tired, or worried for no reason when you are in their company or think of them
*they will cuddle you to sleep then distance themselves. this is when the feeding occurs. a true twin does not require this physical closeness as the only way to connect
*they cannot look you in the eyes for extended time or will give a look of suspicion
*they manipulate your time by being late, cancelling plans at last moment, saying they will call and don't, etc., this is done to get your reaction! your energy...
*they blame you for your their behavior or bring up something in the past you may have done to use as leverage
*they rarely apologize or give clear definite responses to your questions and concerns
*they will show up again the moment you let them go

 How to Protect and Clear Yourself from a False Twin Invasion

*montior your thoughts and pay close attention to not engaging in destructive behavior
*ask the white or golden light to surround you completely
*ask your higher self/soul to be present in your awareness and give you truthful information about the person in which you are involved
*LISTEN to dreams, intuition, messages, and guidance from those you ask for answers
*get rid of anything linked to said person. pictures, emails, text, notes, etc.,
*understand that when you drink or use drugs you allow yourself to become open to negative energies. in your choice to engage, just be aware of this potential and protect/shield yourself reguarly
*use sage, candles, prayer, visualizations, affirmations, or anything else that feels comfortable for you and have a releasement ceremony. invite friends or go at it alone. just make sure to put as much time, energy, and passion into it as they have in stealing your power.
*dance, write, play, create! do something fun and positive as a new source of energy release.  
*when they come into your thoughts (which will intensify sometimes for months or even years) just relax and send them back to their highest self and the creator. don't fool yourself into thinking this means you are meant to be together. it is them recognizing your energy is gone and they want it back!! not because they truly miss and care for you.
really listen to your Intuition. It will always give you the TRUTH, even when your ego has you to beleive you want the person more than anything else. Your intution will ALWAYS shine the light of TRUTH upon you.

additional resources that you may find helpful: