Friday, March 11, 2011

Message from BEAR

 As far back as I can remember Bears have been a part of my dreams. The reoccurring theme was being watched and followed. Some times I would be afraid yet other times I would feel protected. In all instances, my dreams were vivid and would leave a sense of calling into my waking life.

 In my late teens and early twenties became aware of animal totems and discovering ways in which your personal one (or more) gets your attention. Making contact thru the dream world is the most accessible way. I was excited to learn what energies Bear had for my life.

Several years later, my totem crossed over from the dream world to communicate with me in the physical realm. The messages he gave me were exactly what was needed at the most vulnerable and confusing time of my life.

Earlier that afternoon, made the decision to confide in my best male friend that I had deeper feelings for him. We had been inseparable upon first meeting, a year prior. He often brought me flowers, fruit, and coffee to start my day. We’d take long walks, swim, and cook together when we weren’t working. Our conversations would go on for hours.

All of our mutual friends assumed we were a couple because where you saw one you usually saw the other. He would tell me how happy I made his heart and he’d write me a love songs and notes.

So, the last thing I was expecting from my confession was total denial on his part. Instantly, he was nervous and afraid of my openness. Then he babbled on about how I deserve a better guy…blah…blah…

I left and went home to tell my roommate what had just occurred. She couldn’t make sense of what I was saying because I was too upset. At that time, my friend had come to check on me. He was trying to make the situation smoother but I felt so hurt that I didn’t feel like cheering him up.

I walked outside for some fresh air and decided to keep on walking. Ended up several hundred feet from my place, in a wooded area with lots brush. Sat down on a log and cried out to God, “how long am I going to feel this way!?”
As soon as the words released from my mouth, felt a chill go down my neck and intense tingling on my scalp. Turned my head towards the right and within a couple inches from my face, was a brown mountain bear.
We gazed into one another’s eyes, which seemed like hours, but in reality might have been only a few seconds. Then we both became aware of the other at the same moment and ran into opposite directions.

The next afternoon I was retelling the story to a friend of mine who was from a native Indian tribe. He explained how the meeting with the Bear in his culture would be considered the highest spiritual honor and that the true journey of a Healer would begin. Not realizing that since the age of five, I felt drawn to help others and be a Healer.

For the next two years, serendipitous people and events greeted me, regularly. My spiritual quests took me to far away places and even deeper into my soul. I learned Reiki from a master in Thailand, visited ancient ruins in Turkey, and walked the streets of Romania.

I learned how to listen and observe my intuition more thoroughly while everyone around me spoke foreign language. I absorbed other cultural religious beliefs and ideas, while defining my own beliefs more clearly.

I managed to shed my old skin and reclaimed a new one, as I returned to the spot where the Bear greeted me before. The guy who rejected me was sitting  on a bench closeby, while we chatted and laughed about how we both changed in the last couple years.

Hadn’t shared the story of what happened that night in the woods and decided now would be the perfect time to do so . In the midst of retelling the story, I felt a rush of energy on my face and said out loud “the Bear is coming!” I felt excited and expectant!

Minutes later, my friend tapped me on the shoulder and said, “look! You got your wish!”

Just then, a huge brown bear walked around the bushes and stood within several feet from where we were now standing. I said hello and the Bear came closer. He wasn’t the least bit concerned with my friend. But my friend was definitely freaking out and yelling at him to leave.

The Bear locked eyes with me for a while and then he turned and shuffled away. I felt an overwhelming rush of release and joy. My energy was vibrating, my body lighter. The moment had come full circle to where it had began. All I could do was cry and laugh, hysterically.

Since then, I’ve continued on the path of a Healer. It’s not the easiest of paths to take but the rewards are far greater. When I’m struggling and need a little support, I remember the Bear and the voice it brings. Sometimes, I still hear their messages for me, from a distance.

As for the love lost, it was one of many. I have no regrets about any of it. I followed
my heart and True Love answered my call. True Love and Bear.

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