Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Scorpio Rising (Ascendant)

The Scorpio rising is the only zodiac archetype that can change the dynamics entirely of an individual’s birth chart. A person with this sign in their ascendant will have many sun sign Scorpio qualities and likely three times as powerful, especially if the sun/moon are in compatible placements.

This rising sign reveals a very difficult journey with periods of dramatic lessons and chaos. In order for the three levels of Scorpio to reveal its lesson, The lower level of Scorpio must be transformed (the ego) to the higher level of eagle (the soul) then on to the final transformation of a phoenix rising (the soul infused personality). 

In a person’s lifetime, all levels can be achieved. The Scorpio individual must do the constant inner work throughout their lives, however. There is no get out of jail free cards with this placement. Your soul has agreed to battle in this incarnation and the battles will be many! This is a very intense and often misunderstood ascendant.

Sometimes all level have already been achieved but the person will facilitate between the three layers of evolvement. The Scorpio soul desires to feel and experiences extreme type of emotions and energy so this interweaving allows for that type of interaction, whether it is with another person or within himself or herself.

You have the capacity to help heal others with your mysterious knowledge of the unknown. The intuitive and psychic doorways are open to you more easily than others and you have ease with contacting spirit guides and angels. Be careful not to harm others in the process of wielding your powers. This placement has opposing energies and could destroy the very thing they worked so hard to build…themselves! The famous Scorpio sting applies here.

Scorpio rising people are intense, mysterious, powerful, and intimidating. They see past the smoke screens and right to the heart of the matter. They are strong individuals who have a definite sense of purpose and what’s right or wrong. Since childhood, they may have been magnetically drawn to spirituality and/or had knowledge of being here for a deeper purpose.

These people get noticed whether they like or not. People form very strong opinions of them instantly because of their magnetic auras and personalities. Even the more quiet ones are buzzing with this intensity. When you look into their eyes you feel as if they know everything about you. This frightens most people and intrigues others.

Scorpio rising can get to the truth of the matter with anything they focus their attention on. They will not stop until they feel all possibilities have been explored whether they have your permission or not. This sign is motivated and driven my knowledge and truth. Their excellent intuition allows them to know when its time to move on and when to dig their heels in and take a stand. 
They are the most loyal friends and lovers  and can be counted on in times of struggle. They have a way to make you feel understood or at the very least appreciated. But beware if you make enemies of them! This ascendant does not take kindly to personal attacks or detours towards their agenda. Mess with them and you will know what messing with dark forces is like. They will teach you a lesson that will have a lasting impression and then turn around as if they can’t phathom what all the fuss was about. Because to them, you are dead. Finished. You no longer exist.

Harsh? You bet! It’s not that these people don’t care or have compassion. It’s just that they don’t have valuable time to waste on those who they deem unworthy. Unworthy ones being the kind who think they can fool a Scorpio into relenquenching some of that power or trying to control them. Wrong assumption.

Emotional dettachment and aligniing yourself with spiritual values will have lasting security and balance for the  overall peace of mind of scorpio rising. Of course, scorpio being a natural emotionally charged individual adds an additional challenge towards burning out these lower energies. With the blending of a fixed sign in the elements as well, this will cause extreme stubborness in many individuals who may have to relearn old lessons in order for full transformation to be realized. However, this same stubborness can be what is needed to draw upon to continue doing cosmic battle with the ego.

Establishing clear boundaries and maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle will do wonders to channel the excess energies flowing into and from Scorpio on the rise. Creative outlets and a close circle of people you can trust will also help towards  easing some of the heaviness of this placement.

When exploring yourself in astrology or in life generally, don’t ever think you have all the answers. There is always more room to explore. More  knowledge to achieve. More energies to transmute.
 When Scorpio rising individuals become the highest expression of their souls, miracles will manifest in abundance and their light will shine bright enough to help others find their way thru the darkness.


  1. Is there anymore information on scorpio ascendant, it's so nice to read.

  2. Hi! I'm a Scorpio Rising with the Moon,Jupiter and Neptune
    in Scorpio and the Sun in Libra. I would really appreciate any additional information you could post- up until today I
    thought that I was just a Libra.
    Thanks so much!

  3. Yes please, more info! I am born scorpio, scorpio rising, sun in scorpio and moon in aquarius. HELP! (half joking).

    1. you have the same 3 placements as Adam Ant (adamant). he has lived a very interesting life you might be interested. i'm also sun and rising in scorpio, my temper is nasty and i can be extremely cold-blooded sometimes. i am so interesting in this placement (sun and rising) that I am thinking of making an online compilations of all famous people to study. hillary clinton (who is downright cold-blooded, evil, and can't stop lying, also is sun and rising.

      very difficult to live with indeed. Cheers.

  4. I am a Leo sun , with scorpio on the rising and moon in capricorn .I am somehow more of a scorpio than anything else .. Especially the older I get ..

    1. Hello, I am a Leo sun, Scorpio moon, and Scorpio rising... anyone else? Let's talk! I want to see if we share anything in common..

  5. I am a Sagittarius sun, Taurus moon, scorpio rising, uranus scorpio and north node scorpio. I relate to the scorpio side of me in so many ways. My life, since the age of 30 has been full of transformations. I have completely changed the direction of my life. My Taurus moon used to like stability, but I'm learning to embrace change in my life now and quite like the unpredictability of scorpio. I find people can be wary of me though. I have the ability to see through people and situations and get to the truth of the matter.

  6. We are loyal to the ones we love.. As Scorpio Rising.. Dictates.. And always look to the star collection of the east you will see your symbol..

  7. I have this belief that the Scorpio Rising kind of "eats" the others signs of the person. I, for an example, feel much more like a Scorpio than anything else. I have a Leo sun and yes, I'm confident and egocentric but that's all that Leo has in me. I think that the Scorpio Rising is so intense that it takes the place.

    1. I totally agree. As a Virgo Sun with Aquarius Moon, I feel as though my Scorpio rising dominates my essence. All I am ever in the mood for is research and more research. Its like I have the answer, but I still find it hard to stop seeking more knowledge to understand what is going on in my psyche. I don't know if everyone else with scorpio rising has this gift, but its more than empathy. The subtle sensations I am able to physically feel are beyond normal.

    2. You are most definitely not alone in these traits! Though until you said that I hadn't really connected them with my asc...
      Thanks for the input!

    3. I also have Scorpio rising, Gemini sun and pisces Moon. I feel like I can switch between being focused and fearless Scorpio for the part of my work that requires research to being chatty easygoing Gemini for being social and making connections. The pisces Moon adds empathy to the mix, which I think is important too as I work as a journalist. It also makes my work More difficult as I cannot be ruthless, but åt the end of the Day I can live with scratching a juicy detail for another person's wellbeing.

  8. I hate having a Scorpio rising, I'm a 3rd Decan Gemini Sun with Scorpio Rising and Pisces moon. I am completely tormented because of my Scorpio Rising it been the extreme dark cloud over my mood.

    1. I'm scorpio rising , Gemini Sun and pisces moon too.
      I feel like the Scorpio is what saves me from the shitty Gemini side that I see in almost every Gemini that has sliced my back open.
      I feel your pain with the mood stuff tho. I feel we have an advantage though. We are smart sensitive, deep and intune or have potential to be. I haven't harnessed my scorpio crap yet either, all in good time my pretty

    2. Hi - I have Pisces moon as well and Scorpio Rising with Leo sun and I often just feel like a tormented old soul. Depression, etc. I often feel it is the Pisces moon, however combined with the Rising sign. Plus a lot of Cancer in other areas of my chart. I have a chart much like Robin Williams' and that scares me a bit.

    3. you have rising , sun , and moon. Robin willams is scorpio rising and his sun sign is cancer.

  9. Scorpio rising, Libra sun, Taurus moon, Mood, loyal and caring for loved ones, protective, determined, passionate, restless, can be very bad when hurt, and sooo emotional, interested in anything spiritual........swinging btwn extremes, love challenges. Yes, I can see through things, but usually find myself alone, and misunderstood, as I speak out.......

    1. Anonymous, I am dating a man with your signs and he is perfect for me. You are not understood to those that will listen. Believe me, I listen to my man and just that, listen. I want no control over him, I want him to be what he is as I feel grateful to stand by him. I am Taurus Sun, Capricorn Moon, Taurus/Aries Rising. What may have helped with us also is that his mother was Taurus Sun and his Father was Capricorn Sun. His mother's and my birthday are same. Again, you are not alone and what you say is important so get out there and shine ... Peace, V

    2. I am a scorpio rising, moon in leo, capricorn sun. My whole life has been intense.

    3. Mine too. I have had intense struggles with my mother, which made all the other struggles really hard as well.

    4. You must for sure be very attractive & sexy. I am too Libra sun double Scorpio. I can see thu people's bs. When provoked it takes me a while to go off on someone. But when I do I know I hurt people's feeling. I'm all about loyalty. If I find out your haven't done the same your basically DEAD to me.

  10. life has been a forever series of chaos and challenges. virgo sun with scorpio rising. at 53 i feel like i finally reached the summit. proud of myself for having survived. But needing to recharge my spirit. so much has been lost.

    1. I am 49 and feel the same way - like I have been through a multitude of descents into hells but I always come out and re-invent myself and I am ready now - and have the wisdom now to just accept the good and reach for the summit and leave the chaos behind. My north node is in Taurus and that's been a good teaching - to ditch the suffering and open up to the good and get my spiritual practices really involved in the guts of my life. Congrats!

  11. Iam a Scorpio ascendant..I love this reading on Scorpio Ascendant....i think it is bang on....so keenly observed & hidden facts written.....I relate with every word written here...My battles never end and now i know why....I knew that Spiritual path is the path for me..it all makes sense..

    1. Nidhi - It has taken me many years, but in the past year or so, stepping on to a more a spiritual path and practicing working with my mind/ego and energies in different ways through various practices is what I know is going to save me in the end.

  12. Geminis have about sliced my back open as well. One in particular I think might have won in terms of a power play post just one romantic encounter. It's been b.s. indifferent seeming mind games ever since via messages on FB and phone texts. But luckily, I am so in tune with the occult, that I worked a spell to just keep him out of my life with that crap. I like to think the spell worked and he didn't get one last thing over on me. I do have an ego problem with sun in Leo too at times. But mostly I don't want anyone winning over me in psychological power games - Scorpio rising thing. But the Pisces moon in me wants to see the best in everyone and I often do not cut and run when I know I should have sooner. However, I am also getting older and beginning to learn to jut not sweat the ego crap people run on me at times. I find ways to just doge them more gentle or passive aggressively. Sometimes it just comes out easily enough without me trying and I know I have somehow made my point in a powerful, but sometimes subtle way. Then that person, if they are really insecure, will avoid me because they can't trust something in my deeper nature. They thought i was one way and that they had me under their thumb and then they find out I know where to get them when I've had enough giving the benefit of the doubt.

  13. Wow. So this sort of explains why it often takes me a long time to learn a lesson, if I ever do. Sometimes I just refuse to follow my intuition. Sometimes I change to be able to incorporate a situation I might have run from before on a different level now. As long as I learn something and do not resits....

  14. Scorpio AS, Libra Sun, Libra Moon...There are others out there who feel, think and act like I do? Where are you!?! :)) I am Definitely Scorpio dominant.. I would like to hear from anyone who can relate-My Scorpio AS began to reveal its' true presence-An undeniable presence -in my early 30's. I didnt understand why my world repeatedly kept crashing down on and around me-In addition, and at the same time, I became extremely intuitive -more than usual-and at times-Psychic Qualities would creep in on me, out of nowhere. It began with Claresentience, then Clareaudient-And at times-Clairvoyant-Still Not sure about that yet, but I am sure at the same time :) All of it, so synchronistically, just hit me. I knew to look into my Astrology, and of course.."Go Figure" was my initial reaction, but it all began to make sense-So, finding the answer to why I had and still have to endure trials and tribulations gives me more strength and will power to overcome anything-because that is what the Scorpio AS is designed to do-The Tools- It took me a long while-Years-and I learned that you can't run and hide, because it will find you and you HAVE to face huge challenges -And Some challenges that the average person would just by want to crawl into a hole and die...So it was either that, or to get ahold of myself!! I finally learned to embrace the amazing tenacity that Scorpio AS has given me. I am not arrogant at all-Far from it-I may appear that way to some, but so many people don't understand me, and I know they wouldn't understand and I don't expect them to-When it's there time in life to go through a transcendence, they will finally get it, but I do feel like I can see things on such a deeper level than most. I just get it. I see spirituality, the constant good/evil, pride/ego, human error-Especially my own! The Scorpio AS is almost as if it's another soul -an addition-a very wise, old soul that is attached to a weaker, but beautiful, adolescent soul-The essence of the Scorpio AS is constant-The Warrior, Lover, the Vigilant Student, Yhe Caring, but Tough Love Teacher, The Spiritual Healer, AND a MAGNET to others who need help!! The Scorpio AS is there no matter what, and the only part of you that you will never lose, because it is not possible. Please tell me... Somebody with SCORPIO AS identifies with my 'Essay' and that I haven't lost my mind...Also-If you could-A Question that I've been pondering for quite some time. .Do any of you ever wonder what it would actually feel like to NOT have to endure every intense emotion at ALL times? As much as I swing through and hit every emotion possible, I am more than appreciative that I embody this Beautiful Curse...I don't feel like I need to go into anymore monotonous details of what I am trying to explain ...Thoughts?

    1. I relate very much to what you wrote. Very much. You can read some of my replies to other posts here to see what I deal with. What I have heard is that Scorpio AS draws a lot more of their shadow material to themselves and sometimes we have strong projections we need to reel in and own. I just "got rid of" an ex boyfriend who had been stringing me along for years and yet I had to look into my own soul and see what draw that to me. It's not easy. I tend to blame myself for everyting that goes wrong and dont' feel like I learn some lessons and my stinger brings me shame, though I have a way of exposing the shadow in others as well and confronting them with it. But what I need to learn is work on my own end with myself and not feel the need to control or dominate others. sometimes this does involve walking away but I have learned that if I don't deal with what happened in that situation that I brought upon myself, it will return again and again. I am so damn tired, I'll tell you that. Ever since my 20's, I have always had this conscious sense that I am hear to teach lessons to the people who acting like asses with their huge egos. I have not enjoyed this at all. I don't want to do it anymore and want to just focus on my own lessons for a change. Because the extrenal lessons are also my own - like why I attract people who take my energy and use me and don't really want to connect, people with problems that are more deeply rooted than my own that they are not looking at. Why must I be the one to draw it out all the time? I think what I am learning is that I have to love myself, because with all this emotional intensity, I have a hard time not feeling ashamed of not being as callous as the rest of the world seems to be at times. I obsess and always seem involved in deep psychological matters, even if only privately.

      I love what you said here: "The Scorpio AS is almost as if it's another soul -an addition-a very wise, old soul that is attached to a weaker, but beautiful, adolescent soul-The essence of the Scorpio AS is constant-The Warrior, Lover, the Vigilant Student, Yhe Caring, but Tough Love Teacher, The Spiritual Healer, AND a MAGNET to others who need help!!"

      I think what I just learned by writing all this out is that I need to work on my own energy, my own karma, and not take on that of others because it is impeding my progress at times. It's one of those healers must heal themselves sort of a thing. So my avenue is various spiritual practices and getting into my art. I find that when I am channeling these energies into a creative or helpful way that doesn't involve having my energy sucked from me by others who don't want to do their inner work, then I feel better.

    2. "Somebody with SCORPIO AS identifies with my 'Essay' and that I haven't lost my mind...Also-If you could-A Question that I've been pondering for quite some time. .Do any of you ever wonder what it would actually feel like to NOT have to endure every intense emotion at ALL times? As much as I swing through and hit every emotion possible, I am more than appreciative that I embody this Beautiful Curse.."

      You have not lost your mind. Know this-its transforming.
      I have said many times that this (Scorpio energy/seeing/intuitiveness/energy/depth/passion/intensity) is a beautiful curse, one I would not want any other way. I would feel dead if I didn't have to endure the intense emotions that we feel, in fact I have told people (and I am not proud of this) that they are dead inside, they have no passion, no intensity and are mundane, trivial and will never surpass their self imposed limitations of mediocrity. Yes, the nasty sting of the Scorpion has reared its ugly head many times in my life.:( And its not that I regret the intent behind what I said, but I regret how I said what I said, as there were no skillful means within it. In other words, at the deepest level all I was trying to do was ignite the smoldering flames with the person I was chastising, to help bring out the best in themselves and remove their limitations, but I went about it in the wrong manner and said some very destructive and hurtful things in my ignorance and lack of refinement. Today, I would see the same traits in the person but I would go about helping them in a radically different and much kinder manner.

    3. I have sun in aries, moon in Taurus, n node Taurus and asc scorpio. All of these posts is like talking to myself. I have always known that I am here to learn some huge lessons. Have studied astrology for years, am a reiki healer and reading A course in Miracles. Been through massive life transformations ( about five ) - have just been diagnosed with crohns and lichen sclerosus (both relating to colon and sexual organs (both scorpio ascendant traits ) AND I KNOW THAT BOTH of these dis-eases are here for me to overcome my ego. I feel peace, am massively humbled and am re-building myself again. But I now appreciate every single day and am not on A SCORPIO MISSION EACH DAY. I believe that the only purpose we are for is to undo the ego and be soul centred. I am also reading Take me to the truth and IT ALL MAKES SENSE. I just have to keep reminding myself that I CHOSE this journey. I can now also pretty much sense someone's ascendant, moon or sun when I meet them!!!!! which is cool. My daughter and I discuss this. She has Moon in Pisces so we connect on a soul level which is awesome. I used to be verbally scathing if hurt but am now trying to remember that a lot of people are living without conscious expression of their soul and still using their ego as their way of getting energy or seeing other people as a threat. We are all one which is so hard to get your head around but THERE IS ONLY ONE PERSON IN THIS ROOM. I hope this makes sense. I salute all Scorpio ascendants and honour the journey they have chosen to make.

    4. I too am getting that sense that were are here to undo the ego. Really noticing my ego more and more - but also where it needs to be stronger and healthier in terms of boundaries with others and yet at the same time where I need to not take it so seriously. I have had some health problems myself and I do beleive they are seriously humbling and transformative on other levels. I am sorry about your Chron's and the other skin disorder even with its gifts now.

      "I used to be verbally scathing if hurt but am now trying to remember that a lot of people are living without conscious expression of their soul and still using their ego as their way of getting energy or seeing other people as a threat."

      Love this. Also studied a little of ACIM and it really helps when I use what I learned. Need to get back to it. One of my favorites is "I have given this situation all the meaning it has for me," and "I see only the past." Take care!

    5. 9.11.69. Born in Mosesto 1224pm

  15. Sun in Aquarius/ Scorpio Rising and Aries Moon!! and was born Bi racial.... The struggle is real...learning the esoteric knowledge is the only thing that has helped me not to lose my mind... Im 28 and battled a heroin and alcohol addiction for 10 years, and know I understand WHY!!!! ONE LOVE fellow Scorpio RISERS!!!!!

    1. * And now I Know*

    2. Learning esoteric knowledge is helping me as well. I too struggled with a severe addiction - an easting disorder for many years startng at a young age. The fact that I lived through it is a testament to Scorpio Rising, perhaps, as I ponder it later. I was meant to survive that. I almost died a few times.

  16. I am Scorpio Sun and Scorpio Rising, and if you piss me off, then piss me off even more when you're supposed to be apologizing, the gates of Hell couldn't hold me back.

  17. Leo Sun, Scorpio Moon, Scorpio Rising, Pluto Dominant Planet, Virgo & Scorpio Dominant Signs. What can I say, I resonate with what all you fellow Scorpio's have said here, and how you feel, and God do we feel, at an intensity and depth that those who have not this energy coursing through them could ever understand, that is, until they feel its wrath and destruction, which is really not our intent until we're pushed beyond our capacity to withhold it. Control is our middle name, and so to be out of control is not what we're about, thus we're very self controlled, but the volcano is always boiling underneath and god help the person who stokes it and cause an eruption, as how we say things to others can take them lifetimes to heal from it. It seems that on one hand this is our purpose in a sense, to destroy ignorance and then build that which has been destroyed back up from scratch into a more refined and stronger version than it once was. I think that our innate ability to just drop people like their dead ghosts is what helps us do this destruction without guilt, in other words, we are one of the few signs strong enough to do the job of laying down the truth of which of course destroys falsity, hence it is not said the truth hurts for no reason, it hurts because its destroying the long held beliefs and old paradigms that many have been caught up in and that have been a plague on humanity for far to long. Someone must do the dirty work and that is Scorpio, we are the worlds disciple's and the word disciple comes from discipline, hence we are the worlds disciplinarians. Our greatest challenge is to learn how to get out the truth in a less destructive manner. In other words, there are ways of saying things that get the same message out without causing great harm to others. Like a highly refined and skillful surgeon can cut out and remove a sore without the patient hardly feeling anything, while an unrefined and unskillful surgeon can cut out and remove the same sore but also cause immense pain to the patient and leave an ugly lasting scar, which would you rather have work on you? Hence, this is our purpose, to become the master craftsman/woman, the refined divine expression of Loving Light/Hades which has the power to destroy with the intent of transforming that which is destroyed into a more refined, stronger and wiser version of themselves. This is a two way lesson, a refinement for us in how we say and do what we say a do and also for the one we are communing (communicating) with. We do not have all these natural intuitive abilities for no reason, and they are not to be used for ruthless destructive means, as the greater ones powers than the more humility it must generate and the more responsibility one has in wielding this power. Woe to us who abuse or misuse it! Our job, as I see it, is to help transform the world (and ourselves) through the loving destruction of that which is in opposition to the betterment of ALL OF LIFE. We are to be the Eagle/Phoenix expression of divine destruction, not the bad ignorant expression of the egoic devil, and I know you readers know the difference, Thus be the highest expression of all the gifts and power you possess.


    1. Nicely put! I am finally getting this. It's funny that I carry guilt until I am super clear on someone. It took me ten years to figure out for sure the dimensions of narcissism within an ex partner and then I was I was able to walk away. I carried this pain for nearly ten years and now he's a ghost and dead to me. It was odd. It was a lesson I had to learn. The tables eventually turned. I did it less destructively this time as well, but still got my point across. Anyway, beautifully said! Thank you! Must be a trip having Scorpio Rising and Moon. It's a trip having a Pisces moon for me with this, plus my sun is square my ascendant.

    2. Thank you for the reply, I cannot tell you how nice it is to talk to others who are going through the same trials and tribulations as I. I think this feeling of isolation or not "fitting in" with the masses stems from having Pluto as my dominant sign. At times I feel that I incarnated on the wrong planet! lol but I know there are no mistakes...only lessons to learn, and yes having Moon and Rising Scorpio has been a trip...from hell for many years until I woke up and realized it was I who was creating much of my own hell. I have Pisces as my North Node...and honestly I could use a little extra kind, compassionate, caring Piscean energy in my life.


    3. I hear you on this. I am just waking up this past year to the fact that not everything has to be a fight and a struggle, that I can contain my emotional nature and use my mind a bit more to decide how I am going to move forward instead of get bogged down by these karmic/emotional battles that I feel I go through. My North Node is in Taurus. Someone last night said that I seem to be very much in my head and I think this comes from having all these battles throughout my life. The path for me is to unwind a sort of PTSD response that came from it all and get more grounded and be more present. I used to go along with so many patterns in life thinking I had no choice, but now that I am older, I have foresight and intuition that I rely on and trust more than I used to. I often feel it has been hard for me to stay on this planet.

  18. Wondering if anyone else develops more and different kinds of psychic abilities as they get older. I am almost 50 (don't feel it at all or seem it to others) and I am starting to dream of biblical characters (Boaz) that I never knew of - never read the bible. I have always been Clairaudient and now it is getting even more so. My dreams are filled with that "voice" telling me what is what now - like the Boaz thing, which is also the letter B on the column in the tarot card, The High Priestess. Also having foresight that is really weird. Will be thinking of something someone told me or a song they turned me onto. It will go around and around in my head and then suddenly that person contacts me or is in front of me in 3D reality though I have not seen them for years.

  19. I went through (still am going through but less so now) a radical transformation between the ages of 38-44. Simply, I saw in one flash, like a movie playing on the screen of the mind (twinkling of an eye) that "my" whole identity "ego" or that which I-AM identified with/as, I saw or it was revealed to be nothing, pseudo, a mask/façade/fake, and along with it everything I had believed in, all the thoughts I identified as true (was Christian at the time) were as nothing, false, wrongly interpreted, and so all of that which I believe I was and all that I believed was true in a few seconds was thrown out the window to never be again so to speak, or burned away through the seeing of its falsity. I sat there in silent wonder, on one hand devastated, lost, emptied of all identification, a no-body, no-thing, no identity anymore as a this or a that, and yet
    I (didn't know what exactly "I" points to at that time) still was. On the other hand I was free, as if a giant weight had been lifted off my shoulder, I was awake and aware like never before, literally the world got brighter, sounds got louder, more clear, I was present, unveiled, out from under whatever it was that I was under. This is not easy to explain, but in the Buddhist sense I am awake.

    After this I received months of what I call down loads of Gnosis, understandings of the Bible, what Jesus was really trying to convey, I could sit and watch the movements of mind, watch conditioned response arise and not react to them, just observe as a witness. I then realized how deluded, programmed and conditioned by beliefs/thoughts the world is, I saw that they are so unaware of it. I began to write down the insights I received and tried desperately to tell others, but to no avail, it was like speaking a foreign language to them. I went through the whole spiritual pride thing. I went on a multi year several hundreds of books reading frenzy in an unquenchable thirst to understand what happened to me. I studied psychology, the occult, astrology, all the major religions, the ancient scriptures/teaching, many of the mystics and on and on. I was told by my family that I read too much, (they were right, I sat in seclusion for almost 3 years reading, nothing but work, eat, read, sleep, work, eat read sleep) too which I replied in typical Scorpio sarcasm and truth; what is the limit to the amount of books one can read, who sets the limit and why do you believe that I need to adhere to it? In other words; do not try to impose your limitation upon me! If I need to know something neither heaven nor hell, and certainly not any of you inferior mortals are going to stand in my way from knowing it! Yes spiritual pride was in full affect. Ugh! After about 6 years of this I was burned out, I was not retaining anything I read anymore, had written over a thousand pages of insights, stories, quotes and the like, all of which were in total disarray, disorganized and shoved into a drawer, which are still sitting there, but I am slowly going through them now.
    Anyway, I am intuitive now, I am a listener of the highest order, and can remain silent, attentive, observing for great lengths of time. I can feel peoples hurt/sadness in their words/tone of voice, I cannot be fooled. I can remain perfectly calm physically and psychologically in the greatest crisis, do what needs to be done and go back to what I was doing as if there never was any crisis whatsoever. Where most peoples will ends, I am just beginning, where most people tell you what they can and cannot do, I just do or do not and don't say much. Having a hard time relating to "the world." Many of the things my friends are into I am not. So, I feel isolated most of the time, not lonely, but different. Hard to explain.

    1. "I was told by my family that I read too much, (they were right, I sat in seclusion for almost 3 years reading, nothing but work, eat, read, sleep, work, eat read sleep) too which I replied in typical Scorpio sarcasm and truth; what is the limit to the amount of books one can read, who sets the limit and why do you believe that I need to adhere to it?"

      Yep. Beatiful. I really relate to this lately. Though it has taken me longer, some awakening process or downloading began around age 46 when I started practicing Ashtanga Yoga (a rather quiet, non-flowery affair - "99% practice one percent theory"). But just now getting what you are talking about in glimpses - your evolutionary process. I get really into various studies and then just drop them in the service of complete clarity. I have benefited more from Tsa Lung meditation and it helps to live in one of those "vortex place" that is really quiet in Southern Colorado. And I know what you mean. I used to want to share a lot with people the things I was learning but some people are not into it and I don't want a persona built up around me around anything at all, it seems. So I keep mostly quiet about certain things, unless I feel moved to share.

      Love this. Kind of getting this sentiment lately as well: "Where most peoples will ends, I am just beginning, where most people tell you what they can and cannot do, I just do or do not and don't say much."

  20. If one takes the time to read these texts (links below), and apply the principles within them, one will begin to know thyself, and begin to master The Mind, which in Truth is Thyself. You are not thought, but rather that which is the ability to think thoughts. If one identifies "them-self" as a thought, then this becomes their limitation. This is why it is said; "As a man thinks and believes in his heart, so does he become it" What this is revealing is that it is "YOU" Mind with the power to become whatever you "think." In other words, if you are identified with and attached to the thought; "I am not good enough" and you believe you are not good enough, then this limitation becomes your reality. Yet, if you can identify with that thought, then what is stopping you from believing the thought; " I am good enough just as I am" hence, it is YOU at the ROOT of belief, and so what you think and believe then so do you become it! You hold all the power within to be whatever you consciously think yourself to be!

    It was Aristotle who said; "It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it."

    "Accepting it" is believing it. Drop beliefs and begin to question everything!



    1. Very nice. Thank you. I just ordered the Kyballion and got it in the mail a few days ago. Recommended by a friend.

  21. im a girl with sun in libra, rising scorpio, venus in scorpio, jupiter in scorpio, pluto in scorpio, moon in taurus. tell me about me

  22. im a girl with sun in libra, rising scorpio, venus in scorpio, jupiter in scorpio, pluto in scorpio, moon in taurus. tell me about me

    1. Affirmation of Libra

      I was born under the sign of Libra
      I accept fully all its power, potential, and gifts.

      I hold the Celestial Balance
      in my hands.
      I am the Cosmic Judge.
      I am the artist and the lover,
      Peacemaker of the Heavens. I accept my healing charms and powers
      that I use
      for the benefit of myself
      so that I may serve others
      in whatever capacity is appropriate.

      I am the source of the ~We~ consciousness of the universe.
      I bring people together in harmony and peace.
      I am the peacemaker of the world.
      I am the harmonizer of hearts.
      I repair the lost dreams of the dreamer.

      My powerful charm magnetizes and hypnotizes,
      mesmerizes, diverse elements into marriage, harmony, and balance.

      I enchant and lull, changing hatred into love,
      confusion into order,
      disparity into parity,
      selfishness into giving and sharing,
      chaos into calm,
      intolerance into tolerance,
      impatience into patience,
      disharmony into harmony.

      I am the artist of the fine art of human relationships
      because I know
      it’s only through love
      and only through cohesiveness
      that true union is attained.

      I sing that we are the world;
      when all is said and done, we ~are~ One!
      I am the calm that conquers high winds and storms
      and I am the Centre of the Cyclone.
      I am the Eye of the Storm where there is natural peace and tranquility
      because I am the Purifier of Consciousness itself.

      I am the Cohesive Force of Life.
      I hold the world together
      with peace of heart and serenity.
      I bind together without limiting;
      my love is intimate and safe,
      detached and compassionate,
      deeply respecting everyone’s individuality
      and my own.

      The hubs, the spokes and the rim
      are all needed to make the wheel
      to roll as one on the road of life.
      I am the eternal Hub, the Centre of Balance.

      I reach out, I associate.
      My ability to understand with warmth,
      to be compassionate yet dignified,
      honest and tactful
      enriches myself,
      and every life I touch,
      makes relationships sound,
      constructive and inspiring.

      I keep the world spinning as one;
      I balance the scales of personal being
      by concentration of sustained effort,
      by gentle and appropriate self-discipline,
      balance and moderation,
      and my keen sense of aesthetic proportion.

      I am the Plug, the Contact.
      I am the Weaver of the Net in Networking.
      I introduce to the zodiac the collective
      structuring of relationships.
      I honor and formulate the conventions, rules and rituals
      which produce peace of mind and harmony of surroundings.

      Time is valuable to me.
      Beneath my charm and equilibrium,
      my diplomacy and integrity,
      I have an iron will to forge my future.
      I am the great Purifier of Consciousness.

      It is my destiny.

      Now I chose
      to shape my future
      in a balanced dance
      between comfort and challenge.

      ~Changing your Destiny - Orser & Zarro~

  23. Affirmation of Scorpio

    I was born under the sign of Scorpio
    and I fully accept all its power, potential, and gifts.

    I am one of the most mysterious and powerful members of the zodiac
    for I am the Transformer,
    I am the Regenerator,
    I am the Keeper of Mysteries,
    I am the Mystic.

    I soar high above like a bird.
    I see with the Eye of the Mystic Eagle,
    the power of transformation at work
    in ordinary reality.
    I see deeper realities.
    I get under the skin of things.
    I probe the psyche, noticing everything.

    I use amazing objectivity to fly above
    the web of emotional entanglements
    so I may penetrate
    into the Heart of the matter,
    and as the Phoenix I rise above
    out of death, out of darkness,
    out of the fiery depths
    and give birth
    to life at a new level
    through the burning of all limitations in the fire.

    I accomplish what I set out to do.
    My being releases passions,
    eliminates poisons,
    and brings virgin matter into being
    to be utilized by the power of mankind for unification and regeneration,
    to help the human soul’s passage
    from the personal to the universal,
    from the material universe of forms
    to the spiritual, mythic realm of the soul.

    I have many powerful tools and talents
    as a gift from the sign of Scorpio
    to aid me and
    my sexual power,
    my magnetic charisma,
    my ability for razor-sharp judgments,
    my critical perception,
    my indomitable will and self-control,
    my incisive intellect,
    my growing empathy.

    Every day I love more intensely than ever.
    Every day is the death of the old,
    and every minute is the resurrection of the new.

    I comfort and consummate,
    I rise and sublimate, impelled to create.
    I master the arts.
    I stimulate.
    I plunge into life like a lover
    burning through all obstacles
    with the laser intensity
    of my Scorpionic eyes,
    giving birth to unlimited power,
    unlimited potentials,
    because of my strong will and utter determination.

    It is my destiny.

    Now I choose
    to shape my future
    in a balanced dance
    between comfort and challenge.

    ~Changing your Destiny - Orser & Zarro~

  24. yup. agree!! I am Leo Sun, Libra Moon with Scorpio Asc , Scorpio Mars and Scorpio Saturn both on 1st House.

    I often feel so intense and passionate and driven, yet creative like the Leo. I don't feel too charming or attractive like the True Leo, but I guess behind the Asc Scorpio, The Leo will reveals

    This is interesting -- guess it takes times and a good place to reveal the true Sun. ( check out Astro locality )

  25. Taurus sun, scorpio rising.. having sun opposition asc orb 3.. guess what, my moon is Aquarius :D great placements. Pluto/scorpio dominant. Whoah.. my sun and moon sign are eaten :'( unfair!

    1. I am also taurus sun, scorpio asc...but my moon is Virgo. Pluto in 12th house to add another dimension of soul searching.

    2. highly psychic, pluto 12th house :)

  26. Scorp on the rise, with taurus sun and leo moon. I really like aquarius people? hahah I think having mercury in gemini is a blessing for me because otherwise I'd have a lot of trouble changing anything. Also with the whole research thing it assists me in assimilating what I learn into terms I can communicate with, and also it helps in staying objective when I have to be. Having mercury in the 7th house with my sun is awesome, having pluto in the first house and saturn in the 5th is challenging but I guess everyone has faults in their stars (charts) hehe

    1. my saturn is in third. 1989 generation :). scorpio rising, taurus sun, aquarius moon. pluto first house. but all leos hate me and i hate leos lol bad aspects to leo, except for my moon, i attract a lot of Leo moon people.. I have some friends who have saturn in 5th, they stayed single for ages. for the faults in my chart. I guess its mercury in 7th house :D haaaaa

  27. Hello I am a Leo sun, Scorpio moon, and Scorpio rising.. anyone else out there?

  28. I am Leo sun,Scorpio ascendant and sagittarius moon. anyone else that has the same placement?

    1. I am a Leo Sun Scorp rising with Pisces Moon. All I know is that Leo and Scorpio Square one another and can make for an intense personality. I would think a Sag Moon could lighten things up a bit?

    2. Yeah, i think you might be right about that, because i feel like the temperament and way to handle conflict was "supposed" to come from the leo and scorpio but it is more muted. and i think that might be because i have sagittarius in mars.

  29. I am a Scorpio Rising with Pisces Moon and a lot of water in my chart. I recently got very interested in the MBTI personality tests. I always come up as an INFP. Wondering if other Scorpio Risers at least come up as IN types or INFP's and INFJ's? Would love to know. Thanks!

    1. I am an INFP personality type. I feel like some aspects are correct like me being very idealistic, easily misunderstood and have a lot of passion. But i wouldn't say that i see the best in people, at least not in people i feel aren't worth it. If that makes any sense

    2. Thank you, Mea for replaying. Maybe the Scorpio in us doesn't allow that much to see the best. I think I see through an awful lot and know how people operate, but I somehow hope for the best in spite of being cynically inclined and spot on about peoples' underlying motivations and character.

    3. I totally understand what you mean, and after thinking about it i see that i don't see the best in people but i don't see the worst either, i have sort of a neutral middle. People that have hurt me in some way, i have forgiven with the hope that there is something positive there, but i am not interested in digging more into it because i don't want to put myself in situations where i might get hurt. i hope this comes out the right way

    4. yes! I totally get it!! I think I am pretty forgiving but once my trust is broken or I've been hurt badly, I'm going to keep a safe distance - even if that distance is secretive in some way.

    5. Just watched this video describing INFP on youtube. you should watch it to see if you can relate to it, I felt i could relate to some of it.
      don´t know how to copy and paste but it`s called INFP in 4 minutes by IDR Labs

  30. I related to the "low key narrative therapy" to friends and other things. The one I really really like above all is Michael Pierce's video INFP revisted. He does a great job on all the types. There is a great Quora community on INFP's. I have learned a lot there as well.


  31. Scorpio acendent Leo sun Pisces moon....oh my my scorpio acendent is veey intense. Seeing stright through things first hand. Yet my Pisces moon takes me to other dementions. In contact in spueitual realms for most would lose it if not knowing their natal chart. Yet my sun in Leo is gets the misunderstood due to both my rising and moon...more especially being born in a dominant cancer month.....so im deeper while i push and still have to go with the flow all at the same time.....

    1. Hey Anonymous.I am that same combination as well Leo/Scopro/Pisces. I have a profressional astrologer friend who told me that if it were not for Leo, I'd be sunk in some way with all the water in my chart. Leo and Scorpio are also square to each other so it can create a somewhat even more intense personality or someone who can come off rather strong at times. The whole thing is an interesting but generally warm contradiction of power, grace, and sometimes a lot of over sensitivity to things - spiritual realms included.I think I get that - deeper while pushing but still having to go with the flow. I have a hard time making decisions and can be too idealistic at times, but the Leo (and probably the Scorpio) makes me determined at times - while still going with the flow. Ha!

  32. Libra sun, gemini moon, scorpio rising
    I have mercury/mars/pluto in scorpio and in the 1st house.

    Whats definitly true for all heavy scorpio/pluto people is that we create hell on are own self, this is when it can be tricky for us because we don't do it on purpose.
    I'm still having a hard time dealing with this but constant transformation is part of are lives from day one until the end. This gives us a really deep emotional power (compared to others signs) to heal people.

  33. Sun in cancer, Moon in Sagittarius ascendant in Scorpio